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Decorative polyurethane (PU) systems are used for decoration purposes on the interior and exterior facades of buildings while also providing insulation. Due to these dual functions, the popularity and usage of these systems continue to grow. Decorative PU systems are notable for their smooth surface coating, rapid molding, and high performance.

It's also crucial for decorative PU systems to meet specific fire safety standards. According to DIN 4102 standards, they fall into the "B-2" and "B-3" classes, and according to TS-EN 13501/1 standard, they are in the "E" and "F" classes in terms of flammability. This means that these systems meet certain fire safety criteria, thereby enhancing building safety. Additionally, these systems can be used with aluminum, silicone, and epoxy molds, and typically have an application density in the range of 80 kg/m³.

The application process is carried out using low- or high-pressure polyurethane injection machines. These machines ensure accurate injection of decorative PU systems into the molds, allowing for smooth surfaces and quick curing.

Spray Decorative PU Systems

In large coating projects with high mold costs (such as domes or wide walls), polyurethane systems applied with spray injection machines are used. Spray decorative PU systems offer an advantage due to their speed of application and lower mold costs. Therefore, they are a preferred method for large-scale decorative coatings. The spray technique is suitable for complex shapes and wide areas, providing both time and cost savings.

Spray decorative PU systems offer high flexibility and creative freedom in construction and decoration projects, providing designers and architects with a wide range of options. Furthermore, these systems meet both structural and aesthetic needs, offering superior performance both visually and functionally.