Quality Policy

As OSA Polyurethane, we see quality as the cornerstone of our business. We work with determination to provide our customers with products and services at the highest standards, and we maintain the importance we attach to quality at every level. The basic principles of our quality policy are as follows:

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of all our business processes. We endeavour to understand the needs of our customers, meet and exceed their expectations. We continuously improve our product and service quality by evaluating feedback.

Continuous improvement is an important element of our quality policy. We invest in R&D activities to increase efficiency in our business processes, improve our production quality and offer innovative solutions. By closely following technological developments, we offer our customers products manufactured with the latest technology.

OSA Polyurethane fully complies with legal and regulatory requirements in all its activities. We respect the environment and public health in our production processes and encourage sustainable practices.

The basis of quality is a competent and motivated team. We raise our quality standards by investing in the continuous training and development of our employees. By encouraging teamwork, we increase information sharing and support innovation.

We establish long-term and trust-based relationships with our suppliers. We guarantee the quality of our final products by using materials with high quality standards. By cooperating with our suppliers, we aim to achieve our quality and productivity targets together.

As OSA Polyurethane, we continue to implement our quality policy with the participation of all our employees. Our goal is to always be a pioneer in our sector by offering reliable, innovative and high quality polyurethane products to our customers. With our commitment to quality, we aim to continuously increase the trust and satisfaction of our customers.