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Rtv2 Silicone Systems

RTV-2 mold silicone stands for "Room Temperature Vulcanizing," a type of silicone that cures at room temperature. All RTV silicones cure at 23°C, but as the temperature changes, the working time and curing time are affected. Colder environments slow down curing, while warmer environments speed it up. The "2" in "RTV-2" indicates that this silicone is two-component; that is, it is used by mixing a base material with a catalyst.


RTV-2 mold silicones are widely used in various casting and molding applications. Here are some common uses:

  • Polyester Casting: RTV-2 mold silicones are excellent mold materials for polyester resins.
  • Plaster Casting: They allow for detailed and precise shapes when used in plaster molds.
  • Wax Casting: They maintain detail accuracy in wax casting applications.
  • Soap and Aromatic Stone Casting: They do not stick to the surface, allowing for easy removal in these castings.
  • Concrete Casting: Provides a durable mold material for concrete molds.
  • Shoe Sole Casting: Used in the molds for shoe soles.
  • Furniture Accessories Casting: RTV-2 is used in detailed castings for furniture accessories.
  • Polyurethane Casting: Suitable for polyurethane molds.
  • Low-Alloy Metal Castings: Used in casting low-alloy metals like lead.

Technical Specifications

Important technical specifications of RTV-2 mold silicones are:

  • Low Viscosity: Its fluid structure allows it to easily penetrate complex details.
  • High Tear and Tensile Strength: This is important for mold durability and longevity.
  • High Heat Resistance: Can withstand high temperatures, providing an advantage in various casting applications.
  • High Chemical Resistance: Resistant to various chemical factors.
  • Mechanical Strength: High mechanical strength ensures the longevity of the molds.
  • Color: The product is white, which makes it easier to use in production processes.
  • Low Shrinkage Rate: Has a low shrinkage rate during curing, ensuring consistent mold dimensions.
  • Hardness: With a hardness rating of 24 Shore, it offers high detail and flexibility.

The mixing ratio for RTV-2 mold silicones, typically with a catalyst, is generally 5%. The correct mixing ratio helps achieve high molding performance. Different colors and hardness ratios provide variety for different applications. Combining mold silicones with specific fillers for particular applications is also recommended.

Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems
Rtv2 Silicone Systems