As OSA Polyurethane, sustainability and environmental responsibility are the core values of our business. From our production processes to product development, from waste management to energy utilisation, we adopt a sustainable approach at every stage. Our aim is to leave a more livable world to future generations by offering environmentally friendly solutions.

Environmentally Friendly Production
In our factory, we contribute to the protection of natural resources by adopting environmentally friendly production processes. From the materials used in production to waste management, we strive to minimise environmental impact at all stages. We implement strategies to reduce our carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency.

Innovative and Sustainable Products
Sustainability is one of the main focal points of our R&D activities. While developing our products, we offer sustainable solutions by using environmentally friendly materials and innovative technologies. Thanks to the longevity and durability of our polyurethane systems, we offer our customers more sustainable options while reducing waste generation.

Recycling and Waste Management
We adopt a proactive approach to waste management and recycling. We endeavour to maximise the use of recyclable materials by reducing the waste generated in our production processes. We also provide guidance for our customers to contribute to recycling processes.

Social Responsibility
Sustainability is not only an environmental but also a social responsibility. As OSA Polyurethane, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the society and our employees. We take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and welfare of our employees and support social projects. We encourage sustainable development by co-operating with local communities.

Commitment to the Future
OSA Polyurethane sees sustainability goals as a long-term commitment. In line with the principles of continuous improvement and sustainability, we continue to work to reduce our environmental impact. Our goal is both to increase the success of our business and to build a sustainable future by fulfilling our environmental and social responsibilities.