Sector Solutions

As OSA Polyurethane, we offer high quality solutions to various industries with our wide product range and sectoral expertise. Our polyurethane systems create value in many sectors with their durability and flexibility. Here are the main sectors we serve:

In the construction industry, our polyurethane products attract attention with their durability and insulation properties. From roof and wall insulation to floor coverings, we offer solutions that increase energy efficiency in your construction projects. Our polyurethane insulation systems contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the energy consumption of buildings.

Shoes and Slippers
In the shoe and slipper industry, our polyurethane systems provide comfort and durability. From sole production to shoe insoles, our polyurethane products offer high flexibility and longevity. We are at your side with our solutions to produce ergonomic and quality products that meet customer expectations.

In the furniture industry, our polyurethane products offer a combination of comfort and aesthetics. Our soft and rigid foam options provide ideal filling materials for sofas, chairs and beds. We also provide durability and aesthetics to your furniture with our polyurethane coating systems.

Heating and Cooling
In the heating and cooling sector, our polyurethane insulation systems provide superior thermal performance. The solutions we offer for cooling units, storage tanks and pipelines increase efficiency by minimising energy losses. We contribute to energy efficiency by offering special solutions suitable for the needs of the sector.

In the automotive sector, our polyurethane products offer lightness, durability and aesthetics. From vehicle seats to interior trim parts, we provide automotive manufacturers with a wide range of solutions. Our products meet the quality and reliability standards in the automotive industry.

In the decoration sector, our polyurethane products offer creative and original solutions. From decorative panels used in interior design to ornamental products, we combine aesthetics and functionality with our polyurethane products. We support your creativity by offering solutions suitable for your needs in all kinds of decoration projects.