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Since the processing of wooden products can be time-consuming and challenging, we offer polyurethane systems as a practical and efficient alternative to replace wooden products in the furniture and decoration sector. These polyurethane systems are characterised by their superior properties such as high strength, hardness and fast workability.

Polyurethane systems can be hand-mixed or machine applied in both open and closed moulds. It consists of three components: polyol, isocyanate (hardener) and powder components. This three-component system offers flexibility and versatility, providing solutions to suit different production requirements.

The advantages of our products are as follows:

Low Specific Gravity: Less material requirement and cost savings with low usage quantities.
Minimum Waste: Less waste is generated in the casting process, which increases efficiency.
Smooth and Bright Surface: Our products create smooth, shiny and hole-free surfaces with minimal labour requirements after casting.
Low Reaction Temperature: This feature extends the life of the moulds, providing cost benefits in the long term.
High Performance: SENTA products exhibit superior performance even in cold weather.
Manual Mixing Suitability: Our products have a reaction profile suitable for manual mixing, enabling casting without the use of machinery.
Fast Mould Opening Time: This increases production capacity by increasing efficiency in the production process.
High Hardness and Strength: OSA Polyurethane products stand out in the industry with their durability and hardness.

These properties make our polyurethane systems a strong alternative to wood products in the furniture and decoration sector. Our products offer superior quality and performance, helping you to optimise your production processes and improve the quality of your final products.