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Solar energy systems use polyurethane systems for the insulation of water tanks and boilers. These polyurethane systems not only meet the insulation requirements, but also provide excellent adhesion performance, allowing them to bond directly to metal. This ensures quick and efficient application without the need for additional adhesives.

Technical Specifications Polyurethane systems with a density range of 35-45 kg/m³ are generally preferred. This density is considered an ideal range that balances insulation performance and mechanical durability. Polyurethane offers high thermal resistance and low thermal conductivity, enhancing the efficiency of solar energy systems and reducing energy losses.

Applications Polyurethane systems are commonly used for insulation in hot water tanks and boilers in solar energy systems. These systems help retain the temperature of water for longer periods, saving energy. Additionally, they are used in solar energy buoy systems. The SE-35 product, specifically designed for buoy systems, stands out with its buoyancy and durability.

Product Varieties OSA Polyurethane offers a variety of polyurethane products to meet different application requirements. Here are some of the notable products for solar energy systems:

  • OSA SE-28: A low-density polyurethane system, providing ideal insulation with its lightweight and flexible structure.
  • OSA SE-32: A medium-density system. It is versatile with high insulation capacity and excellent adhesion properties.
  • OSA SE-35: A high-density polyurethane system specifically designed for use in solar energy buoy systems. It is ideal for buoy systems with high durability and buoyancy capacity.