As OSA Polyurethane, we know that innovation is at the centre of our business. We constantly focus on developing innovative solutions to respond to the rapidly changing dynamics of our industry and to add value to our customers.

The Power of Innovation
Innovation gives us the opportunity to break boundaries and better serve our customers. Our R&D team works relentlessly to design new products and processes by following the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Through innovation, we make our polyurethane systems more durable, flexible and environmentally friendly.

Customer Focused Innovation
The needs of our customers form the basis of our innovation efforts. We collaborate with our customers, take their feedback into account and offer customised solutions tailored to their needs when developing new products. This customer-oriented approach increases the competitiveness of our products in the market and increases customer satisfaction.

Technological Collaborations
To achieve our vision of innovation, we collaborate with leading technology providers, academic institutions and research centres in the industry. These collaborations increase information sharing and enable us to develop faster and more effective solutions. Thus, we are able to offer our customers products equipped with the latest technologies.

Sustainable Innovation
Sustainability plays an important role in our innovation efforts. We endeavour to develop environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. By using environmentally friendly technologies in our production processes, we contribute to a sustainable future.

Focus on the Future
As OSA Polyurethane, we carry out our innovation activities with a future-oriented approach. While determining our long-term goals, we anticipate the future needs of our customers and the industry and develop strategies accordingly. This visionary approach carries us to a leading position in the sector.

At OSA Polyurethane, innovation culture is a value adopted by all our employees. By maintaining this culture, we are committed to always providing our customers with the most innovative and high quality polyurethane solutions.