As OSA Polyurethane, we put innovation and continuous development at the centre of our business. Our Research and Development (R&D) department focuses on producing innovative solutions for the needs of our customers in line with our goal of being a pioneer in the polyurethane industry.

The Power of Innovation
Our R&D team works continuously to develop new products and processes in our state-of-the-art laboratories. We closely follow the latest trends and technological developments in the industry to meet and exceed customer expectations. With the power of innovation, we aim to offer superior quality to our customers by improving the performance of our polyurethane products.

Customer Orientated Approach
Our R&D activities focus on the unique needs of our customers. We collaborate with our customers in the new product development process and offer customised solutions. We constantly update and expand our product portfolio by taking customer feedback into account.

Sustainability and Environment
Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the forefront of our R&D activities. We attach importance to developing products that provide energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. We aim to be a responsible leader in our sector with sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production processes.

Cooperation and Partnerships
We collaborate with academic institutions, research centres and industry partners in our R&D activities. Thanks to these collaborations, we find the opportunity to develop more innovative and high quality solutions by increasing information sharing. We enrich the know-how in our sector through joint R&D projects.

Certification and Quality Standards
Our R&D studies are carried out in accordance with international quality standards. We comply with the necessary certification processes to ensure quality and reliability in our products. This approach is a commitment to gain the trust of our customers and bring them together with products of the highest standards.

As OSA Polyurethane, we continue to be a pioneer in the sector with our R&D activities. In line with the principles of innovation, customer orientation and sustainability, we are proud to offer polyurethane solutions that add value to our customers.