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Cold room systems play an essential role in cold storage facilities used for storing meat, fruits, vegetables, and other food products, particularly in the food industry. Polyurethane-based cold room systems are the preferred materials for the insulation of these storage units. They are applied using external continuous (Ex.Cont.) systems through a mold injection method, offering single-point or multi-point injection options.

Application Process Cold room systems are generally applied using the mold injection technique, allowing for the production of panels up to 12 meters in length. The panel thickness can range from 6 cm to 20 cm, depending on the storage temperature. Additionally, the block system allows for pressing of blocks up to 1 cubic meter in size. This flexibility provides suitable solutions for various applications.

Technical Specifications The density range for polyurethane systems is typically between 38-42 kg/m³. These polyurethane systems used in cold storage insulation offer high thermal insulation and mechanical durability. Panel production can vary between 6-8-10-12-15 and 20 cm in thickness, depending on the storage temperature. In block systems, it is applied in the 38-46 kg/m³ density range. The internal structure of the polyurethane material is resistant to burning and cracking.

Production Capacity and Performance Depending on the machine capacity, polyurethane systems can produce panels of up to 12 meters in length and 20 cm in thickness using single-point injection. This increases production efficiency, providing cost and time savings in large-scale projects. The single-point injection feature ensures a homogeneous structure and excellent adhesion even in large panels.

Product Varieties OSA Polyurethane offers a variety of polyurethane products for cold room systems. Here are some of our popular products:

  • OSA DC - 28: A low-density polyurethane system designed for cold storage rooms.
  • OSA DC - 30: A medium-density system offering high insulation and durability.
  • OSA KT - 28: A polyurethane specifically designed for block systems.
  • OSA KT - 32: A polyurethane offering higher density and strength for block systems.

At OSA Polyurethane, we provide polyurethane solutions that offer high performance, durability, and flexibility in cold room systems. Our products are ideal for efficient and long-lasting insulation in cold storage rooms.