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Polyurethane spray systems are insulation solutions applied by spraying using high-pressure machines. With their mobile application capability, they offer great flexibility on construction sites and in high-rise buildings. These systems are versatile and can be used in various parts of buildings, providing the advantage of on-site application. The spraying and on-site application technique allows the system to easily adapt to the shape of the applied surface, providing a seamless insulation layer. Polyurethane foam offers superior insulation performance due to its much lower thermal conductivity compared to other insulation materials.

Technical Specifications Polyurethane spray systems are manufactured to comply with various fire-resistance classes. With different fire-resistance grades such as B1, B2, and B3, these systems offer excellent thermal insulation depending on the application area. They also stand out for their superior adhesion and mechanical properties. Polyurethane spray systems can be applied in densities ranging from 25 kg/m³ to 300 kg/m³. Due to their rapid reaction profile, they can be applied without sagging issues and are produced with environmentally friendly blowing agents.

Applications Polyurethane spray systems have a wide range of applications. The most common uses are as follows:

  • Building interior and exterior facade insulation: Increases energy efficiency by providing insulation in walls and exterior facades.
  • Cold room insulation: Can be used in cold storage and food preservation areas.
  • Roof insulation: Offers effective results for roof tops, roof spaces, and roof decks.
  • Inverted ceiling insulation: Used for thermal insulation in ceilings.
  • Foundation and basement wall insulation: Applied to prevent moisture and provide thermal insulation in foundation areas.
  • Animal shelters and chicken farms insulation: Provides thermal insulation and a hygienic environment in animal shelters.

Product Varieties OSA Polyurethane offers different products with various densities and features for polyurethane spray systems. Here are some of our popular product varieties:

  • OSA SPRAY - 25: A low-density, lightweight polyurethane spray system.
  • OSA SPRAY - 30: A medium-density system offering high adhesion and durability.
  • OSA SPRAY - 35: A high-density system, ideal for applications requiring high strength.

As OSA Polyurethane, we offer solutions with our polyurethane spray systems that are tailored to different application requirements. Our products stand out in the industry with their rapid reaction, superior insulation, and wide application range.