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Polyester Polyol

Polyester polyols are key components used in polyurethane production. OSA PESPOL polyol systems fall into both aromatic polyester polyols and linear polyols categories, designed for use in rigid and flexible polyurethane systems.

Technical Specifications and Product Varieties OSA PESPOL polyol systems offer products with different functional groups and properties for various applications:

  • PES 56 and PES 240: These two products have two functional groups. PES 56 is used to provide structural hardness in rigid polyurethane systems, while PES 240, with its low viscosity, can be used in various applications.
  • PES 6: This linear polyol is designed for elastomer systems. Its linear structure provides high flexibility and durability in elastomeric applications.
  • PES 240: An aromatic polyol ideal for rigid polyurethane systems. It provides high structural hardness in rigid polyurethane systems, allowing the production of durable products.

Applications and Advantages One of the key advantages of OSA PESPOL polyol systems is that their low viscosity allows for a wide range of applications in different products. Here are some of the key benefits of these polyol systems:

  • Flexibility and Hardness: Linear polyols offer high flexibility in elastomeric systems, while aromatic polyols provide hardness in rigid systems. This variety offers versatility in polyurethane production.
  • Low Viscosity: Low viscosity enables easy flow and uniform distribution in mixtures. This feature enhances ease of application and production efficiency.
  • High Performance: Polyester polyols deliver high performance in polyurethane systems. Durable and long-lasting results are achieved in both rigid and flexible applications.
  • Broad Application Area: OSA PESPOL polyol systems can be used in various industrial and commercial fields such as automotive parts, building materials, furniture manufacturing, and insulation materials.

OSA PESPOL polyol systems offer a wide range of products for polyurethane production. The variety of products suitable for different applications, from elastomeric systems to rigid systems, provides flexibility to manufacturers and helps them achieve quality results.