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Glass Globule

Glass microspheres are an important additive used in polyurethane casting materials and paints to increase volume. These microscopic glass microspheres, when added to a material, provide a 5% volume increase while offering a minimum of 15% weight reduction per kilogram. This characteristic is a significant advantage for producing lighter and more efficient materials.

Technical Specifications When used in polyurethane materials, glass microspheres increase hardness, enhancing the durability and abrasion resistance of the final product. At the same time, they facilitate easier sanding, speeding up the production process and ensuring a smoother surface. Compared to other fillers, glass microspheres stand out for their lower specific gravity and density.

Advantages and Applications In addition to increasing volume, glass microspheres offer the following benefits in polyurethane casting and painting processes:

  • Lightweight: A 5% volume increase makes the materials lighter, which is crucial for energy efficiency and cost savings in industries like automotive and aerospace.
  • Increased Hardness: By increasing the hardness within the material, the mechanical durability and lifespan of the final product are extended.
  • Ease of Sanding: Smoothing the surface makes sanding easier, speeding up the production process and reducing labor costs.
  • Smooth Surface: Glass microspheres ensure a smooth surface, helping to achieve an aesthetic and high-quality final product.

Application Examples Glass microspheres can be used in various industries and application areas. They offer volume increase and lightweight advantages in polyurethane casting materials, automotive parts, building components, and decorative products. Additionally, they can be used in the paint industry, contributing to smoother and lighter surfaces due to their low density.

Glass microspheres provide critical properties such as volume increase, lightweight, and hardness in polyurethane casting materials and paints. This additive improves the mechanical properties of the material while offering ease and speed in the production process. Furthermore, they offer unique advantages of low density and specific gravity compared to other fillers.