About us

About us

In 2012, with 100% domestic capital OSA established chemical Ltd. LTD. a company, which constantly renews itself and specialty polyurethane system.

Entering into a new planning process in 2015, the company is carrying out in a factory, the production capacity has increased by considering the requests from the clients.

Towards the end of 2014, together with 5,000 tons of annual capacity of production has increased and new product range continued using the full capacity of 18,000 tons.

The speed of the service, to maintain quality and meet the growing demands of the constantly signing new work, our company in line with the demand from customers for R & D is continuing its efforts.

1000 m2 2000 m2 open area, our company continues to develop with the latest technology of the era, fully enclosed automation system.

Renewing its product range OSA CHEMISTRY every year, adding new polyurethane systems to its product portfolio. Our company continues to grow and evolve within the system, hosting more than 100 kinds of polyurethane. Able to offer custom product options to customers, our company joint R & D activities and companies gives importance to the special polyurethane solutions.

The polyurethane which has penetrated into every corner of our lives,decorative, furniture,construction,panel,Refrigerator,glue and shoe industry is the backbone. For this reason, the kind of differentiation and polyurethane materials, has an important place in the growth of our market.

In evaluating all requests from clients, and yourself is not the day to follow the latest developments on the market,tomorrow's OSA targeting CHEMISTRY; and for this reason has given great importance to research and development, for new projects starting from 2015 its R & D policy has changed. Has established a new laboratory equipped with the latest technology of current out of the lab.

The sender MCA products of polyurethane Chemistry system 4 continents Europe , Middle East , Africa and Turkic republics. Serving since 2012 OSA CHEMISTRY, has achieved rapid growth with product quality and customer satisfaction, increasing customers by 2015 investments to the service of the product range presented.